Terms and Conditions-Glaze: Detailing προϊόντα περιποίησης & γυαλίσματος αυτοκινήτου, μοτοσυκλέτας, σκάφους.
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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use





1.1 The website www.glaze.gr is an online store of the company Ioannis Nikolakis, located in Koropi, Anapafseos 3 Street, P.C. 19400 with vat number EL034893881 and e-mail address [email protected], where is possible to sell remotely materials and accessories used for cleaning cars and boats. Each visitor who will browse the website www.glaze.gr, which from now on will be called "Website", accepts that the use of services, content and the act of any transaction and / or communication through the  "Website" is ruled by all these terms of use.

1.2 Each visitor of the "Website" besides browsing the individual categories of the "Website", always in accordance with the more specific provisions of these terms of use - as mentioned above - is offered the option to purchase products which the "Company" sells through the "Website" following the procedure as indicated by the "Website" and is described in detail below in the relevant paragraph on the terms of sale.

 1.3 The "Enterprise" informsthrough these terms the visitor of the  "Website" that in no case does the promotion of the products sold through the  "Website" and / or the general operation of the "Website" do not constitute a proposal on the part of the  "Enterprise" to the respective visitor of the  "Website" for the conclusion of a contract for the sale of any of the of the products featured on it and/or all of them.



2.1 The visitor of "Website"  a registered user, or non  for the needs of this will be called  "User"   and accepts and unreservedly consents to all   terms of use of the «Website»  ,as they are in force each time at the time,  touring inν «Website» whether it purchases products through it or not.

The "User" agrees that by  browsing  the"Website"alone, he has previously read and been aware of all the terms of use of the  "Website" and that he/she accepts them.  In addition, the  "Enterprise"  declares and the  "User" accepts on the one hand that the  "Enterprise"  hasthe right to modify, remove  and revise these terms of use and on the other hand that the  "User" is obliged to take note each time before browsing the  "Website" of the content of these terms.  use /or their respective amendments. The  "User" accepts that  if he does not agree with the content in whole or in part of these terms of use, he/she is obliged not to continue his/her navigation on the "Site", and in the event that he/she continues to navigate,  this is equivalent to his/her acceptance by his/her acceptance of the terms of use as applicable.  time.

2.2 Throughnavigation onthe "Website", the  "User" has the ability to proceed, if he wishes, to  the purchaseof the products sold by the  "Enterprise" through the  "Website" but also to be informed about the contents of the individual categories and pages of the  "Website".

2.3 The  "User" accepts that for the use of the individual categories and / or pages of the  "Website", it may be required to declare certain personal or non-personal information in the fields indicated each timeby the  "Website",such as, indicatively and not restrictively, at the time of completion of a remote purchase, at the time of completion of a remote purchase, at the time of the the registration of a  "User"  in the  "Website" etc.

2.4 The  "Enterprise"  declares that the use of the "Website" is permitted to persons who have reached the age of  18.

2.5 Registered "User". The"User" who wishes to purchase products through the  "Website" has the possibility, if he/she wishes, to link to the  "Website" through an account, which he/she will have created by his/her previous registration on it.

Both the creation of an account on the "Website" andits connection with it requires on behalf of the  "User" a series of actions that will be indicated to him online by the  "Enterprise".


     Especially  by entering in pre-defined fields of the «Website»  of specific codes, i.e. a name "User" (username) and a confidential code (password) o o "User"  has the ability to securely access and login to his account in the «Website» through which it will be able to purchase the products it wishes, in accordance with the other terms of its use «Website».

Through the account created bythe  "User" in the"Website" he may have access to more specific functions and services of the  "Website" that will be offered by the  "Enterprise"  for the specific category  "User" depending on the time of browsing and always in accordance with more specific terms and  conditions conditions set each time by the  «Website

In order to create the account on behalf of the "User" and register they, the following information will be required by  the  "User":  first name, surname, e-mail address, and a password. 

In any case, the "User" who creates an account on the "Website" is bound to the  "Enterprise" and by only registering  accepts  that his account will be used by him exclusively as well as declares that he will not allow any third party access to it.

The "User" undertakes the obligation to update in case  of their change the data declared by himin the "Website" andto inform the "Enterprise"  accordingly in the manner indicated each time by the"Website" informing accordinglyhis profile

The "User" is obliged to take the appropriatemeasures  each time in order to ensure the confidentiality of the codes of his account on the  "Website" and not to disclose them to any third party. 

In the event that the "User" becomes aware of the violation of the confidentiality of the above codes or receives  any kind of disclosure to any third party,  he/she must immediately inform the  "Enterprise" via the e-mail [email protected]  gr, otherwise in this case the "Enterprise"  will not be responsible for the possible use of his account by any third party, of the  "Enterprise" reserving, apart from the rest of its rights, to claim from the  "User"  the restoration of any positive or consequential damage suffered by the  "Enterprise" on this ground.

The "User",   if he wishes to remove the account he has created on the "Website", subject to the provisions of the relevant point below in the paragraph under points.   A. 7.9 for the retention of data, has the ability to contact, through the stated during the registration of the email or any  email that has stated on the  "Website" in the context of  updating the data,  with the  "Enterprise" at the e-mail address  info @glaze.gr by submittingarelevant request.

2.6 The "Enterprise" informs the  "User" that in any case, it may proceed to a remote purchase of its products «Website» and without having  Preceded by  registration of the  In «Website»,  while in any case the  "Enterprise" maintainy  the  d'i aai obut  change the conditions for implementation the distance sale of its products through the «Website»

The "Enterprise" , within the framework of its right to Modifies  the procedure in the «Website» for making remote purchases, it has tthe possibility  to change and tnot  registration process in the «Website» -  therefore  B.C indicatively to proceed  to remove his account "User"  , to modifies theprocedure for logging in to the account - ,   establish as a necessary condition to make remote purchases  creating an account  etc

2.7 In the event that  the  "User"  hasany questions or needs for some clarification regarding the use of the  "Website", he has the ability to contact the  "Enterprise"by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address  info @glaze.gr



3.1 The  "Website" may be linked to other internet sites, including social networks, owned by third parties physically and/ or legally through links and/or hyperlinks.

The "Enterprise"  states to the  "User":  

  1. that it hasno responsibility for the whole and / or for part of the content of the above web sites with which it is connected according to the above and / or for the way of presentation and in general promotion of the above content such as indicatively and not restrictively for their operation, the softwares that contain and use,    the services provided by them, etc. 
  2. thatfor theconnection of each  "User"  through the links and / or hyperlinks with these internet sitesthe  "User" hasthe sole responsibility and initiative and the  existence of  theselinks and  hyperlinks does not imply the approval and acceptance of the content in any way these websites and their terms of operation on behalf of the  "Enterprise".

3.2 The  "User" is aware of and accepts that each web site with which the  "Website"is linked, is  governed by their own terms of use for the content, the correctness and the application of which the  "Enterprise"  has no responsibility. The  "Enterprise"points out to the  "User"that before navigating to anyone  from the above-mentioned websites, it is appropriate to take note of the terms of use governing the useof these websites.  



4.1 The  "Enterprise"has the right tomodifythe "Website" in its entirety and / or in part of it. More specifically, it has the abilityat any time to change, abolish,   but also to renew e.g. indicatively and not restrictively its software, services, features   "Website", the content applications, the content, the ability and the way of browsing specific pages and / or categories  but also the way they appear and the general structure and operation of the  "Website" and operation. 

4.2  The "Enterprise"   reserves the right to proceed at any time at its sole discretion to any  about turn , repeal and/or revision of all and/or part of its terms of use «Website»  according to  always  with the legislation in force each time. It is expressly agreed that the "User"  has an obligation to take note each time  of the total the terms of use  his «Website»  before browsing individual pages and / or categories of.




5.1 The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that the content of the "Website" either in its entirety /or in its entirety / or part of it is the subject of intellectual / or industrial property rights of the "Enterprise" and / or  third parties contractually related to it withinthe  imposed by the applicable legislation  frame.

Indicatively, and not restrictively, the concept of the content of the "Website" includes e.g. files, software, applications, trademarks, texts, photographs, the way products are arranged and presented, pages and categories, the design, presentation and appearance of individual functions, all kinds of data, etc.

The "Enterprise" informs the "User"  that  the latter has no right to  Make  in general and mainly because of the Interaction his «Website»  with "Users"  in any action   commercial and/ or economic exploitation of all content, as described above, of the «Website» and/or part thereof any Way.  More specifically, it is forbidden B.C indicatively and not restrictively or Possible on behalf of the "User"  reproduction of the above content, transmission thereof, the sale or export of data and data of the above «Website» Etc.

The "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"that onlythe personal use of the "Website" by the  "User"is permissibleand in any case within the framework set by these terms of useof the "Website"and the applicable legislation.

It is expressly agreed that this use does not have as a consequence that the"User" acquires any form of right, in particular intellectual / or industrial property, over the content of the "Website" vis-à-vis the  "Enterprise" and / or vis-à-vis third parties contractually connected with the  "Enterprise".

5.2 The  "User" accepts and consents that he/she must refrain from any action that may infringe the intellectual/or industrial property rights of the "Enterprise" and/or a third party contractually connected with the  "Enterprise",the "Enterprise", reserving, in addition to the rest of itsrights, to claim the restoration of any positive / or consequential damages that may be suffered. 




6.1           The  "Enterprise"  declares to the"User" that it has taken all appropriate organizational and technical measures  aiming atthe proper and unhindered operation of the "Website".   the registration process or completion of the purchase process,  the correct appearance of all pages, etc.

The "Enterprise"  declares tothe  "User" that there is apossibilitythat for reasons beyond the responsibility of the  "Enterprise"it  will not be possible to operate the "Website"at a specific time and that it does not offer any form of guarantee about it. The unhindered and / or  proper operation of the "Website" is possible, in accordance with the above, the  "Enterprise"declares that it does not bear any responsibility towards the  "User"  and the  "User" accepts that it cannot raise any claim against the  "Enterprise" for this reason.

6.2 The  "Enterprise"declares that in the context of the proper and proper operation of the  "Website" it makes everypossible effort to ensure that on the one handthe way of publication and  ifthe products areremoved  arecorrect in general the products on the other hand the relevant information accompanying them is up to date, of the  "Enterprise"  reserved for any errors that may arise in the presentation of products and their descriptions due to graphic error and / or technical reasons through no fault of its own.

6.3  The  "Enterprise"  states in the "User"   and the   "User"   accepts that he is obliged for his safe browsing in the «Website»  have the appropriate technical equipment and that the "Enterprise"  shall not be liable for any possible damage resulting to data or any element or function on any device through which the  "User"  navigates In  «Website» during his navigation in it.  In any case, the "User" agrees that it has no right to make any claim against the « Business" for this reason.

6.4 The  "Enterprise"  declares to the  "User"and the  "User" accepts that navigation on the  "Website" by the "User" is permissible only within the framework set by the applicable terms of use as well as the technical possibilities available each time by the  "Website". In relation to the above, it is accepted thatthe  "User" does not have the right to raise any form of claim against the  "Enterprise", e.g. indicatively and not restrictively on the way the products are displayed, the method of payment of the products, etc. and accepts that he/she has the ability to use the  "Website" exactly  as it stands each time.  who visitshim of the"Company"  retaining the right to proceed at its absolute discretion to any change it wishes.

6.5 The  "Enterprise"  declares that it is not responsible to the  "User" and / or any third party for the way that the  "User" may  manage the information contained in the "Website" and the "User" on his part accepts that for the management of the above information he is solely responsible both for himself and vis-à-vis any third party as well as  and  therefore to raise any claim against the  "Enterprise" on that grounds.

6.6 The  "Enterprise"informs the  "User",that thelatter, in the context of the proper use of the "Website" that he/she must proceed, must comply with the applicable legislationregarding therightsof both the  "Enterprise" and third parties, that in any case the above actions that the "User"will take, do  not they must contravene prohibitive provisions of law, that it is solely responsible for its compliance with this term and that it is solely responsible for the restoration of any damage and damage suffered by either a "Business"  or any third party from the violation of this term.




7. Privacy and data protection policy.

7.1a. The  "Enterprise" declares that compliance by the  legislationconcerningthe protection of personal data is its priority and has therefore taken every care to do so and that by drafting the personal data protection conditions of the  "Website" it aimsto inform each visitor about the purpose of collecting and processing the data – where this happens – as well as theway   and the possible recipients of them and the purpose of their processing and in any case about the waythe  data are managed (rights – obligations) by each visitor.

B. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that he/ shemust in any case consult the relevant    terms  on the confidentiality and protection of personal data, which the  "Enterprise"  may modify within the framework of the legislation.

  1. The  "Enterprise"informs the respective  "User" that it is the controller of the personal data it collects from each  "User" and is based in Koropi on 3 Anapafseos Street Koropi and with vat number 034893881, P.C. 19400


  1. The  "Enterprise"  declares that it has taken all the necessary organizational and technical measures in accordance with the applicable legislation in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any personal data that the "User" may declare and / or transmit during the use of the  "Website" to the "Enterprise".

The "Enterprise"  operates on the basis of the above framework in order to ensure the  appropriate  level of security for personal data against the risks by taking- in accordance with the above-appropriate measures, including, inter alia, where appropriate:

  1. the encryption of the personal data of the  "Users"of which the "Enterprise" is the controller.

Ii.  the ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of processing systems and services on an ongoing basis;

  1. the possibility of restoring the availability of and access to personal data in due time in the event of a physical or technical incident;

Iv.  a procedure for the regular testing, assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of processing.

  1. the commitment to maintain confidentiality of the persons authorized by it to process the personal data.
  2. the commitment to maintain the confidentiality of the processors on behalf of the  "Enterprise" as well as all other obligations imposed by the legislation on personal data. 

7.2 The  "Enterprise"  declares that for the safe browsing of the "Website" it makes use of digital certificates that ensure the exchange of data between the browser of the  "User" and the server of the  "Website" in an encrypted way so that it is not possible to intercept or modify the data exchanged between the two parties.

7.3 The  "User" in any case consents that, in order to safely navigate the  "Website" through the device used, he/she must have the appropriateequipment and theappropriate  means. 

7.4 The  "Enterprise"informs the  "User" and he accepts that in case the latter wishes to contact the  "Enterprise"  through the  "Website",to create an account, to make use of the offered services of the  "Website" and to purchase a product from those sold through the  "Website" must be aware of that it will state some data and/ or personal data.

The "User" fully understands that in any of the above cases the "Enterprise" will process the personal data declared by the"User"forthe purpose of completing an action in accordance with the above, as the case may be.

The "Enterprise"  is the controller of the personal data of the  "User"  for the purposes for which he/she processes these data each time, as noted in particular.

7.5 The  "Enterprise"informs the  "User"  that for the purpose of processing the personal data of the "User" carried out by the "Enterprise"after their collection through the  "Website" action with each  "User"complies with the applicable legislation and in particular the provisions of the General Regulation. th 2016/679 as well as the relevant Greek legislation on personal data.

More specifically:

  1. In the eventthatany  "User"contacts  the  "Enterprise" through the contact form in order to receive information about the products sold by the  "Enterprise" through the  "Website" and / or details about the process of selling the above products   of   "Enterprise" the latter will then proceed tothe necessary processing of personal data in order to carry out the communication with the  "User".

In this case, the "User"will be required to declare in the relevant fields his e-mail address in order to be ableto  communicate the  "Enterprise" with the  "User".

The "User" may transmit by his own decision   -through the message by which hewill choose to communicate with the  "Enterprise"- without being asked for additional personal data than those that will be requested by the "Enterprise" in the relevant fields,  which implies that  the  "Enterprise" is also aware of  them. 

Ii. During the process of concluding the distance sale of the products of the  "Enterprise" through the  "Website", the  "User" is necessary to declare and the  "Enterprise"then to process personal data at each stage until the completion of the relevant procedure, such as indicatively from the time of selection.by the  "User" of the productshe/she wants until the time of delivery of the products by the  "Enterprise"  through the cooperating courier companies, at the time of the choice for a possible return of the products, etc. 

During the process of concluding the distance sale depending on the category of the "User",the  "Enterprise" will collect and process the following data: the first name, surname, billing address, shipping address, contact phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address of the  "User",the products chosen bythe  "User" as well as billing data  and possibly some information that the  "User" may declare to the  "Enterprise"  without being asked.

The "Enterprise"informs the  "User" aboutthe case wherethe latter, apart from his/her own data, declares data - personal data of a third party that this statement is equivalent to the fact that he/she guarantees and undertakes to have the explicit consent of the third party, as mentioned above,- person - subject of personal data of character for the declaration and the transferof these datato the  "Enterprise" and subsequently their processing by the latter e.g. indicatively and not restrictively in the case of shipping data other than the payment details. In any case, it is expressly agreed for any claim made by this third party against the  "Enterprise" responsible exclusively is the  "User"of the  "Enterprise" reserved to claim the restoration of any positive or consequential damages  of the "Enterprise" due to this cause.

Iii. The"User"  by stating specific data and in particular those required in accordance with the relevant paragraph under points.2.5 has the ability to create an account on the  "Website".

By creating this account the "User" (depending on the category of registrant "User" who will have chosen to register ), has certain possibilities, as these more ing each time will be defined by the 'Enterprise'; such as B.C indicatively to make through his connection with his account his purchases in the «Web page» ,keep a list of favorite products Etc.  Η "Enterprise" may request   the declaration made by the "User"  different personal data.

The "User"  understands that, as already mentioned above, the processing of the declared personal data by the  "Enterprise" will always take place within a certain framework and in particular the communication of the  "Enterprise" with him/ her, the process of concluding and completing the remote purchase as well as  the possible provision of the offered through  "Istocho" services to him as each time specified by the  "Website"

7.6 The "Enterprise" does not andthe "User" accepts that it does not transmit and discloses the data of the "User",  including personal data, without having theprior consent on the part of the  "User"  except in cases where this is required or required by law orin case of change of ownership or  the general legal form of the  "Enterprise".

In any case, however, the use of its declared personal data  "User" will be done and by their  recipients to whom the "Enterprise"  transmits the data  in order to complete the sale of  Ordered   by "User"  of products through the «Website» and the use of its respective services «Website» to the "User"

  1. in the context of the provision of the above services and more specifically by authorized employees of the "Company" for the provision of services on a case-by-case basis.
  2. in the context of supporting the information systems of the "Enterprise" such as companies offering internet services, e-shop hosting, etc.
  3. in the context of the delivery of ordered products whenever the necessary data for the delivery are transmitted to the courier companies cooperating with the "Enterprise".

The "Enterprise" also notesthat thepersonal data of the  "User"  will also be processed by financial institutions in the context of the necessary financial transactions of the  "Enterprise" with each  "User".

7.7 The  "Enterprise"  declares and the  "User" accepts that in the event that it is  necessaryfor the latter to declare on the "Website" any personal data, he must declare accurate, true and up-to-date information and bears soleresponsibility in case of non-achievement of communication due to non-compliance with this obligation  Furthermore,  the  "User" accepts that he/she is solely responsible for the updating of these data and is obliged to proceed with this update in the manner that is available each time from the  "Website".

7.8 Cookies. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that the  "Website" uses cookies, i.e. small files with information. These files (cookies) are stored by each website that uses them (and more specifically the web server) on the browser of each visitor, resulting in each time the specific  "User" browses the same website,  the latter has the possibility to retrieve this information.

In addition, the "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that some of the cookies he uses help the  "User"when navigating the  "Website" and enable the  "Enterprise" to gather information on how the "Website" operates. 

The "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that it is not possible to verify his identity due to the use of cookies by the  "Website" and that the "User" always has the ability through the appropriate settings of his browser to request, if he wishes, the rejection of cookies.

However, the "Enterprise"  informsthe  "User"  that in the event thatthe  "User" proceeds through the above settings of his browser to reject cookies, it may not be possible to access certain functions of the "Website".

The "Enterprise"informs the  "User" that it is using the Google analytics service.

The "Enterprise" points out in the "User" that  in the case where  through the «Website» connect to third-party online sites of social networks including may they  these online sites to use Cookies and therefore must be informed about the policy in question Cookies that these online spaces use and the features they offer to their visitors.

Inorder to facilitate the  "Users", the  "Enterprise" informs them that they have the ability,  as already mentioned above, to prevent the acceptance of cookies through the appropriate settings of their browser by visiting the following pages of some of the main browsers.

(Firefox: about:preferences#privacy

Chrome:  chrome://settings/?search=cookies

Microsoft Edge:  https://account.microsoft.com/account/privacy)


7.9 The  "Enterprise"  informsthe  "User" that the "Website"may contain links and / or hyperlinks to websites of third parties of natural or legal persons, including social networks.   Thewebsites of the above third parties, as understood by the  "User", are governed by their own personal data protection policy, for which the  "Enterprise"  has no responsibility andinformsthe  "User"that it is advisable to take note before browsing it.

7.10 i.The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"that  if it has made a personal data declaration due to the use of the "Website", it may exercise, as the case may be, the right of access, rectification of personal data, restriction or objection to processing, portability, as well as erasure of data, provided that the processing is not necessary for the observance of a legal obligation that  imposes processing as well as for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

  1. These rights of the  "User",  as described above in detail,  derive from the general legislation on personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 [art.13- 21] and for the exercise of his rights the  "User" or for any clarification he can communicate via e-mail at  info @glaze.gr

Iii. The  "Enterprise"informs the  "User" that it has the right to appeal to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (postal address 1-3 Kifissias Street, P.C. 115 23, Athens, tel. 2106475600, e-mail address [email protected]) in case it considers that his rights regarding personal data have been affected.



1. General context

1.1 The  "Enterprise"  declares thatthe  "User" through the  "Website" has the ability to sell materials and accessories for the cleaning of cars and boats, in accordance with all the terms of use of the "Website",thespecific terms of sale and the applicable legislation applicable to distance sales.

1.2 The  "User" accepts  that, before making a remote purchase of products through the  "Website",he hasreadand fully understood the terms of use of the  "Website" and the terms of sale of the products sold through it and consents to their content.

1.3 The  "User" accepts that the   "Enterprise"  reservesthe right  not to completethe process of selling anyproduct through  the "Website" at any stage thereof, if it finds that the"User" has not complied with these terms  - provided that their observance is a self-evidently necessary conditionof the process of distance selling – as well as its right to claim compensation for any incidental and/or consequential damage suffered by it from the violationof anytermsof the "Website" (terms of use of the  "Website")on the part of the  "User". 

1.4.The  "Enterprise" points out to the "User" that it has the ability to browse the  "Website" and make a purchase of the products  sold by the enterprise according to the category of  "User"and more specifically  depending on whether it buys products for individual use or for a professionalin aself-employed capacity.For his browsing and the completion of purchases of products for professional use, the  "User" must, if he makes the relevant registration, contact the  "Enterprise"  in order to give him relevant access to a specificweb environment where there are special posts and prices specially designed for this category of  "Users"


  1.   The "Enterprise" points out in the  "User"   that to make use of the  «Website» and in any kind of transaction through it must have reached the age of 18 otherwise expressly  the "User" Accepts that it is obliged to refrain from any action relating to the above, "Enterprise" retaining the right not to complete any transaction with the "User" in the event that he/she finds that he/she has violated this term. 

3. Product presentation-description box.

Itis at the absolute discretion of the 'Enterprise' to present and describe onthe 'website'the products which it  sells through  itinthe way it wishes each time.

The "Enterprise"  undertakes no obligationto presentthrough the  "Website" for sale  continuously the same products and / or for a specifictimeor period  andreserves the right to modify without restriction  the types and categories of products in accordance with its  respective commercial  policy itic.  From the above it follows thatthe  "User" accepts that he/she is not entitled to raise against the  "Enterprise" any claim for this reason, e.g. indicatively and not restrictively due to the abolition of a specific code of any product and / or category from the products for sale by the  "Enterprise".

The "Enterprise"  points outtothe  "User" that it has taken care to ensure that   the individual characteristics of each product that constitute its description are clearly displayed in the relevant positionof the "Website".

Despite the aforementioned specialdiligence on the part of the "Enterprise" for the clear appearance,there is a possibility for technical reasons such as indicatively and not restrictively due to the differentiation  of  the browser of the"User",  thesoftwareof the browsing device and / or the dimensions ofthe ot. on the screen of the device or for imperfections that arise by inadvertently and without fault of the  "Enterprise" to arise variations e.g. in the colors of the products and / or in their general presentation and the  "User" accepts that the  "Enterprise" is not responsible for this purpose.

In addition, it is possible for some products in the description of the products to have characteristicsbased onunits of measurement such as   volume(cf.    ml)

The "Enterprise"  informsthe  "User"  that in any case regardless of each individual description of the products on the  "Website" has the possibility, if he wishes to request any information that will arise about the products, in accordance with the above in  info @glaze.gr

Furthermore, the "Enterprise" informsthe  "User",  in order to avoid anywrong action, it would be useful to contact the  "Enterprise" through the above e-mail address before completing the process of remotely purchasing a product from the  "Website" in case it realizes that there are obvious errors in the way of presentation / or even approx. registration of a product such as indicatively and not restrictively appearance of a product with incorrect characteristics or appearance of a product for sale at an unusually high or low price, etc.

The "Enterprise"informsthe  "User" that the  "Website" displays exclusively products of third-party suppliers of the  "Enterprise".The description of these products is based on data available to the  "Enterprise"   and fromeachsupplierorregardingtheir characteristics, properties and description,    dimensions and  thereforethe  "Enterprise"  does not bear any responsibility for the correctness and accuracy  this information has been given to it by the suppliers.

4. Product availability.

  1. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that it always has the ability to place an order for products included in the "Website" based on the available stocks for which it will have been duly informed by the  "Enterprise".

Ii. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that through the  "Website" it has the possibility in case it wishes toorder and then buy products that areavailable only upon request For these products the  "Enterprise" makes a special order to each supplier in order to then  sell to the  "User"  and therefore the ability to purchase these products from the  "User"  among others depends on the availability or not of these products from the suppliers of the "Enterprise" for the time at any given time.


5. Check and conditions for the completion of the order

The "Company" always reservesthe right to proceed to a prior check of each order by any  "User"  before the sale of the product, e.g. indicatively and not restrictively in case it receives an order of unusually high value or fills in contact details of obviously non-existent or inaccurate even and to proceed to non-acceptance of the order for any reason.The"Enterprise",  in any case, reserves the right not to accept an order from a "User" who in a previous transaction with the "Website" had not demonstrated the appropriate and in accordance with the terms of use behavior in the context of the completion of the above transaction.

6. Product prices.

The "Enterprise"   informs  the "User"  that he canbe informed aboutthe prices of the products he wishes to buy through the  "Website"in the appropriate way each time depending on the producthe will eventually choose and the category of"User".

The "Enterprise" declarestothe  "User" thatit does not undertake any commitment to any  "User" that the posted prices of the products of the "Website" will not be changed in the respective online environment of the"Website"that the "User"navigates  based on his/her status each time.    

In particular, it points out to the "User"  that parameters such as, indicatively and not restrictively, the change in the commercial/ or discount policy of the "Enterprise", the cost of purchasing the products from the respective supplier of the  "Enterprise", etc., may alter their final price for the time at which the  "User"will decide to make a purchase throughthe  "Website".


7. Description of purchase stages .

I. How to make a purchase (with or without creating an account)

  1. The  "User" has the ability to proceed to the purchase of products by creating a prior account on the  "Website", in accordance with the specific provisions of the relevant paragraph above under sections 2.5 on the creation of an account. 
  2. The  "User" has the ability to purchase products as a simple visitor of the  "Website" and without having registered earlier on the  "Website" by creating an account, as described above.

c.As already notedabove, the"User" for his browsing and the completion of purchases of products for professional use, the  "User" must, if he/she first makes the relevant registration on the "Website", contact the  "Enterprise" in order to give him relevant access to a specific web environment where there are special posts and prices specially designed for the  that category of  "Users".  


Ii. Enter order details.

Depending on the category of the "User" to which the latter belongs, according to the  above, he will be asked by the  "Website" to fill in the appropriatelyindicated  fields and  data, the accuracy of which the  "User" guarantees in any case to the  "Enterprise".

      The "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that in order to forward to the  "Enterprise"  correct and based on the characteristics he wishes to order products it is useful to make a detailed review of it before its promotion.   modifications to the fields concerned.

Iii. Order stages .

  1. The  "User" if he wishes to make a purchase of any product, should select the product he wishes in the relevant category and page and select the corresponding characteristics thatmay appear in the relevant fields such as indicative quantity, etc.
  2. Then by selecting the shopping cart icon and following the fields and pages indicated by the appropriate page, it will proceed to the completion of the purchase, unless it wishes to continue its navigation by making additional purchases, in which case it will follow the procedure available from the "Website" for the continuation of its purchases. Before completing the indicated steps for the purchase, it has the opportunity to be informed tomatoes to estimate the amount of taxes and the cost of transport of the order.
  3. Having previously chosen the payment method and having accepted the terms of use of the  "Website", he will proceed to the next step where the stage of completion of the purchase is. At this stage he will be asked to fill in the fields that will be requested each time by the  "Website" as well as the terms regarding the protection of personal data.
  4. Then the  "User" will receive a message informing him about the receipt of the order from the  "Business"and the completion of the purchase process.

Especially in the case of paymentbyPayPal the  "User" will receive an additional email with details of the payment of his order.    

F. In order for the  "Enterprise" to proceed to an order for products that do not exist in stock, the  "User" will be asked to pay a deposit, the amount of which is freely determined each time by the  "Enterprise", subject to the provisions expressly specified for the payment of the entire amount of the price for an order made by a "User" of the category.     "Users" who buy products for professional use (wholesale) and who must pay the full amount of the price at the  time of ordering.  


8. Method of payment of products


8.1 i.Payment by cash on delivery

  1. In the case - from those that are permissible according to the present terms - in which the  "User" wishes to pay the price by cash on delivery, then it is necessary to pay the amount of money to the authorized employee of the courier company cooperating with the  "Enterprise",  at the shipping address declared at the time of purchase,  in which  the author a registered employee of the courier company cooperating with the "Enterprise"  will find the "User"  himself  or an authorized person from the  "User"
  2. The  "Enterprise"  informsthe"User" who chooses cash on delivery as a method of payment that he should take into account that the payment by cash may not exceed the amount allowed by law, while in any case the present term - as well as all the terms of use - may be amended accordingly and with additional restrictions thatmay arise in the context of  the legislation in force each time
  3. The  "Enterprise"  informsthe  "User" that it has the right to pay by cash on delivery in case the delivery of theordered products takes place only within Greece
  4. The  "Enterprise" points out to the  "User"  that it is further not possible to pay by cash on delivery and in caseswhere the  "User"has chosen as the place of delivery the physical store of the  "Enterprise",  for order from the category of products for which there is availability and ordering's back as well as for an order made by a "User" of the category  "Users" who purchase products for professional use (wholesale).

8.2. Payment via PayPal.

The "User" has the right to pay the amount of the products he wishes to purchase through the payment system PayPal, always in accordance with the specific terms of payment and the instructions from the above system having earlier created an account.

8.3 Payment of products availableon demand

  1. In the case of orders for unavailable products, i.e. products that will be delivered to the  "User""upon request" and at a time specified below in the relevant position on the delivery time of the products, the  "User" must pay in advance, in any way he has chosen to pay, the entire value of the order.
  2. In this case, as already noted above, it is not possible to pay by cash on delivery.

c. The "Enterprise"  points out to the  "User" that the order made in accordance with the above, i.e. a special order due to the non-existence from the beginning of the product's availability, and therefore constitutes an individual order that is completed for the specific  "User"  who has made this order and therefore the specific  "User" cannot make use of the  right in accordance with the specifics set out below in the relevant point.

8.4 Minimum order amount.

Specifically for the "User" of the category  "Christos" who buy products for professional use (wholesale) there is a minimum amount for which they must place an order for the first time through the "Website" and in particular they must place an order of at least 500 € plus the corresponding VAT.

The "Enterprise" informs the  "User" that this minimum limit may be changed without commitment  by  the  "Enterprise"


10. Process of shipping and delivery of products.

i. Method of shipping and delivery of products.

  1. The delivery of the products in Greece is carried out through the courier companies cooperating with the  "Enterprise"  at the declared address by the  "User" in the relevant field of the order details.  For deliveries abroad the delivery will be made through the company DHL.

The "Company"informs the  "User" that it always reserves the right to request through the respective representative of the cooperating courier company the demonstration of the identity card of the recipient of the order before proceeding with its delivery to him

  1. The  "User" has the ability for orders delivered to Greece to receive his order from the headquarters of the company in Koropi on Anapafseos Street, no.3 POSTAL PROGRAM 19400.


Ii. Product delivery time.

  1. The delivery of the products to Greece when delivery has been selected through the courier company will takeplace at the shipping address declared on behalf of the  "User"  from Monday to Friday between 9:00-15:00 while in case the delivery – receipt from the physical store of the "Enterprise" has been selected, the delivery will take place at the mentioned opening hours of the "On operation" in the field of communication on the  "Website".
  2. For the cases of products that are available, "Business"   usually deliversthe products within 3 to 4 working days from the date of completion of the order.

c.Especiallyfor the cases of products that are available upon request and therefore for the cases where the  "Enterprise" is necessary to order the products from its suppliers, the  "User" will have been informed of the estimated delivery time before the completion of the order.

The time periods regarding the delivery of the products described above begin from the day following the day on which the email of confirmation of receipt of the order is sent on behalf of the "Company"in accordance with the above.

  1. For cases of delivery of products abroad, the  "User" will have been informed about the time of delivery of the products depending on the way he/she will have chosen the delivery (with the company DHL or ELTA) at the time of choosing one of the above ways.

Iii. Shipping costs. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that the cost for the shipping costs of the ordered products, in the case of shipment of the products through the companies cooperating with the "Enterprise" is borne by the  "User" and is formed according to the place of dispatch and the weight or dimensions of the ordered products.

iv. Information about the order.The  "User" will receive information about the dispatch of the order via  email or by sending an SMS to a mobile phone,as these have been declared on his behalf.

In any case, the "Enterprise"  in case of any extraordinary change regarding the delivery of the order may inform the  "User"in any appropriate way through the contact details declared by him.

v. Place of delivery.

  1. The  "Enterprise"  declarestothe  "User" that for thedeliveryofor  ordered products within Greece has the following possibilities for delivery:

   ● Delivery to the declared shipping address by the  "User".

● Delivery to the physical store of "Erthmati" .In case of receipt from the physical store,  "Enterprise" informs the  "User" that the order will remain in the physical store from the time of its completion for 30 calendar days,while after the lapse of this period the order will be cancelled.


v. Other delivery terms.

  1. The  "Enterprise"declares to the  "User"  that in the event that the representative of each cooperating courier company fails to findthe  "User" in order to deliver the order to him, the product will be returned to the  "Enterprise" in accordance with the specific terms that will be applied for this case by each courier company and the  "User" » will be charged in this case except for the shipping costs and the cost of returning the product.
  2. The  "Enterprise"  declares to the  "User"that he is responsible for the correct declaration of the contact details in the relevant fields of the  "Website" that will be requested in order to carry out the delivery of  each  order and  thereforethe  "Enterprise" in case of  non-completion of the delivery due to error of the contact details on behalf of the "User"bears no responsibility.
  3. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that it makes every effort to deliver the products, within the time limits provided for in these terms for each product category and / or for each special case.

The "User" accepts that this may not always be possible for reasons not due to the  "Business" such as natural disasters, weather conditions, strikes, delays due to the courier company.

The "Enterprise"  informsthe  "User" that the latter will be informed in any appropriate way by the"Enterprise" about it based on the capabilities that the  "Enterprise" will have at its disposal at that time and the  "Enterprise"   bears no responsibility for this. 

In any case, the "Enterprise"  informs the  "User"  that, if the period of delay in delivery, in accordance with the above, exceeds the period of five (5) calendar days in addition to the specified delivery time provided each time for the respective way of delivery of the product depending on the category of the product, the "User" has the right to cancel the order,  without any charge to the person who is not entitled to it, except for the refund of the amount that he may have already paid depending on the method of payment he has chosen without being able to claim anything else against the  "Enterprise".

  1. The  "Enterprise",  as already mentioned, reserves the right, without prior notification of the  "User"  to modify in total the terms for the way of delivery of the ordered products as well as the delivery time limits and the  "User"accepts it.


11. User Rights

i. Order file .

The "User" has the ability to search for the details of his order and to this end the  "Enterprise"maintains a relevant file.

  1.   "User" rights due to the purchase of a defective product. The  "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that the latter is entitled to request the replacement or correction of a product or to request a reduction of the price or to request a refund of the money in the event that an agreed property is missing in the product or a real defect is found, but always in accordance with the specific provisions of Article 534 of the Civil Code et seq.

However, in any case, the "Enterprise"  reserves both the right to check and determine the possible lack of agreed status and / or the existence of a real defect and any other right.


12 .  Conditions for returning products.


A. Right to return products due to withdrawal from the sale.

1.i. The "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" who purchases products for individual use that he has the right to return the product purchased from the  "Website" in accordance with the specific provisions of the legislation and the procedure mentioned below. In any case, for the return of the product, the simultaneous return of the relevant purchase document is necessary. 


Ii. Right of withdrawal .

The "User" has the right to withdraw from the purchase he has made through the  "Website" without stating the reasons, without giving the reasons, without the express reservation of the above mentioned above under verse 83 c on the non-right of withdrawal for orders that are considered personalized:

a. Within a period of 14 days from the day on which he or a third person designated by him acquires the physical possession of the product he has purchased.

b. Within a period of 14 days from the day on which he or a third person designated by him/ her acquires the physical possession of the last product he has purchased, in case of several products ordered by the "User"  with one order and delivered separately. 

c. Within a period of 14 days from the day on which he or a third person designated by him acquires the physical possession of the last lot or piece, in the case of delivery of a product consisting of several lots or several pieces. 

2. How to exercise a right of withdrawal 

The "User" has the ability to withdraw from the purchase he has made within the above mentioned deadline, provided that he/she first informs the  "Company"and returns the product he/she has received along with the relevant purchase document he/she has received. 

The notification of the "Enterprise" for the withdrawal from the purchase on behalf of the "User", according to the above, is possible to be carried out either through the use of the withdrawal form which the  "User" has the ability to find here and after completing it to send it to the e-mail address of the "Enterprise" or by sending on behalf of the  "User"  any other clear statement by which he will manifest his clear will to withdraw from the market. If the  "User"uses this option, the "Enterprise" will transmit without delay on a durable medium (e.g. e-mail) a confirmation of receipt of his/her withdrawal.

4. User Obligations.

i. Deadline for returning products.

The "User" who decides to exercise the above right of withdrawal has the obligation to return the product without undue delay and in any case within 14 calendar days from the day he announced, in accordance with the above procedure, to the "Enterprise" his decision to withdraw from the concluded sale. The deadline is met if the "User" returns the product before the expiration of the 14-day deadline.  logical days.

Ii. The products that the   "User"will return to the "Enterprise"in the context of the exercise of the above rights should not be used, damaged or have undergone any kind of intervention or alteration by the  "User" depending on the nature of the product. In any case, all products sold by the  "Company"through the  "Website" have a certain packaging that must also be maintained in order to be able to return each product.

The "User" is obliged to return along with the product and the purchase document received

iii. The "User" must manage the product in such a way that it suits its use and therefore does not cause any form of alteration to it, which will result in the eventual non-acceptance of its return. The "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" that a condition of acceptance of the return of the product is necessary to return it as it was originally packaged and without having been used. In any case, the "User" is liable for any reduction in the value of the product only as a result of the management of the product other than that necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and operation.

5. Obligations of the "Company". 

  1. In the event that the  "User" exercises the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the provisions of these terms of use, the  "Enterprise"  will refund any payment received from the "User", without undue delay and in any case within 14 calendar days from the day on which he/she was informed of the consumer's decision to withdraw from the contract,  in accordance with the above provisions of the relevant paragraph.

Ii. The "Enterprise"  by way of derogation from the above is not obliged to reimburse additional delivery costs paid by the "User", if the  "User" had chosen a way with an additional financial burden than the cheapest standard offered by the  "Enterprise".

Iii. The  "Enterprise" will return the money to the "User" using the same means of payment, which the  "User" used for the initial transaction and always in  accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation for the relevant transactions.

It is expressly agreed that especially in the event that the "User" has chosen to pay the price of the purchase by cash on delivery, where this is permissible according to these terms, the refund of the money will be made by deposit to a bank account indicated by the  "User" and of which he is the beneficiary.

The account will have been indicated by the "User" and will have filled it in the text of the statement of withdrawal or will have notified it at the same time and in the manner that he will have communicated to the  "Enterprise" any other clear statement by which he manifests his will to withdraw from the purchase made through the  "Website".

The "Enterprise"  is entitled to delay the refund until it has received the goods back or until the  "User" provides proof that it has sent back the goods, whichever comes first.

iv. The return of the product will be made through the courier company cooperating with the "Enterprise" (with which the  "User" must contact for the relevant consultation) to the declared contact address of the  "User" in order to receive the returned product.  Both for the cases of returning products from greece and from abroad, the  "User" is charged himself with the cost of returning the product.


C. Exemption from the right to return a product

  1. The  "Enterprise"  points out to the  "User"  that the order made due to the non-existence from the beginning of the availability of the product in accordance with the above mentioned, was for products available upon request, constitutes a personalized order that is completed for each specific  "User"  who has made this order and therefore the specific  "User" does not  d may make use of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the specific provisions of point 12A above.
  2. The  "Enterprise"  shall point out to the  "User" who will purchase products from the store for a professional capacity as a self-employed person that it cannot make use of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the specific provisions of the relevant point 12 A above.


13. Commercial guarantees.

Commercial guarantees for the products - where theyare offered - are provided by themanufacturers themselves and the  'Enterprise' does not offer its own further guarantee.



14.1 All terms of use of the  «Website» are governed by the relevant legislation.

14.2 i. It is expressly agreed that Greek law is applicable in the event that any dispute arises from the application of the terms of use and the applicable legislation.

 Ii.  Competent in case of failure to achieve a friendly solution of the aforementioned dispute, the courts of the city of Athens are competent for its resolution.

14.3 The   "Enterprise"  informs the  "User" who purchases products for individual use that the current European legislation provides for the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes arising in the context of the conclusion of electronic sales contracts between a consumer resident in the European Union and a trader established in the European Union . The "User"then proceeds to the event that he/she carries out a contract of sale. any purchase through the  "Website" that  buys products for individual use and has any dispute as a consumer has the ability to resort to its dissolution for this purpose by operating a platform at the internet address  https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show

    Pursuant to Ministerial Decision No. 7033οικ/2015 (Government Gazette B'/1421-9 July 2015) the Consumer Ombudsman – European Consumer Centre (144 Alexandras Ave., 11471, Athens, tel. of communication.+30 2106460862 +30 210 646081814, fax +30 2106460784, email: [email protected]) is defined as the contact point of electronic dispute resolution (ODR)

Furthermore, in the event that the "User" who purchases products for individual use wishes to resolve any dispute through the Alternative Resolution procedure, he/she has the opportunity to be informed about this procedure by the General Secretariat of the Consumer through the http://www.mindev.gov.gr/%cf%80%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b1%cf%83%ce%af%ce%b1-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%ce%ba%ce%b1%cf%84%ce%b1%ce%bd%ce%b1%ce%bb%cf%89%cf%84%ce%b7/%ce%b5%ce%bd%ce%b1%ce%bb%ce%bb%ce%b1%ce%ba%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%ba%ce%b7-%ce%b5%cf%80%ce%b9%ce%bb%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b7-%ce%ba%ce%b1%cf%84%ce%b1%ce%bd%ce%b1%ce%bb%cf%89%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%ba%cf%89%ce%bd-%ce%b4/  

14.5 Any modification of these terms is in writing and only in this way it is proven. The  «Enterprise» has the right to modify and / or remove part and / or all of these terms and the  «User» is obliged before any browsing on the  «Website» to refer to them.

14.6 Even one condition to be declared invalid shall automatically cease to apply without prejudice to the validity of the others.

14.7 The non-exercise by the  "Enterprise"  of any of its rights does not imply a waiver of this right.